garfield and i hold hands as we walk through the forest, leaves crunching beneath our feet. our matching Pumpkin Spice Lattes™, milky hot and steamy, one in each hand. It's beautiful, isnt it? says garfield. " really is, I sight, gazing into his large eyes. we reach a clearing, huge oak trees surrounding us in all directions. the sunlight is a soft orange at this point, the late evening glow illuminating the tips of his fur. He looks like an angel, like nothing ive ever seen before. garfield lowers himself to the grass. "im glad you came with me today....ive always wanted to share this with you" im touched. this beautiful day has been everything ive ever dreamed of. "thank you, garfield, for sharing your world with me. " "well....thats not the only thing i hoped to share with you. there's one other thing. its fall, its finally favorite time of year. im so glad this year i have someoen to share it with. " he bends over, spreading his hind legs far apart. his small sphincter on full display. "please....take your Pumpkin Spice Latte™ and..pour it into my ass. ive always wanted you to do this. " "garfield...!!! of course!!!!'

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